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Home Insurance

Our experts will help you comfortably cover your home-sweet-home.


Auto Insurance

Comprehensive, collision, liability—whatever your vehicle needs, we’ll make sure you get it.


Renters Insurance

You’re a tenant that wants to protect your belongings? we’ve got you (and them) covered.


Auto and Home

Get the best coverage quote to protect both your auto and home.


Personal Umbrella

Get coverage that is best for your needs.


General Liability

Protect your business with the best general liability insurance.


Business Owners Policy

Get coverage that is targeted to your business requirements.


Commercial Auto

Business vehicles have specific insurance needs. We’ll make sure you are covered.


Commercial Property

Protect your business with the best commercial property insurance.


Commercial Umbrella

Protect your business with best commercial umbrella insurance.

About me

Sharon Bales is an expert in the insurance industry who possesses the licensing and experience needed to offer the best possible service to her customers. As your insurance agent, Sharon can advise you on a multitude of products and services, including home and auto insurance, commercial property coverage and life insurance. I believe it is my responsibility as an insurance agent to guide each of my customers through their questions and provide the products and knowledge that can serve them best. I became an insurance agent because I am passionate about helping people in the community.

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What Others have to say about Me...


I did not realize how under insured I was until Sharon explained my gaps in coverages to me and what that could mean for my business should something happen. Thank you for all of your knowledge and patience with me through this process.”

Cindy F.

Thank you for getting me our homeowner's insurance on our new home! You helped me get my premium where it needed to be for my new mortgage. I highly recommend this company!”

Steve and Nancy

Great company for motorcycle insurance.”

Jack K.

Being new to the area it was so nice meeting Sharon at Renegade Insurance. Thank you for all of your help and guidance.”

Julie P.

Thank you for saving me money on my auto insurance, I will tell my friends to check with you.”

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between comp and collision coverage?

    Comp (a.k.a Comprehensive or Other Than Collision) and Collision are physical damage insurance coverages on a personal or business auto insurance policy.
    Collision coverage provides reimbursement for damage to your vehicle after you’ve been in a car accident in which there is no fault or you are at-fault. Comp provides reimbursement for a set of named perils that include, fire, hit an animal, falling object, car get’s struck by lightning and more. Comp will often be provided in conjunction with full glass coverage but is technically a separate part of the auto insurance policy.

  • What insurance covers my jewelry for theft?

    Theft coverage for jewelry is included on most homeowners and renters insurance policies. However, the coverage included on an unendorsed homeowners or renters insurance policy can be very limited. If you want to coverage a piece of jewelry for it’s true value than you need to do one of two things: Specifically schedule the piece of jewelry onto your homeowners or renter insurance policy.
    Buy a separate personal articles insurance policy for that piece of jewelry.
    In both cases you will need to get the jewelry appraised and give the appraisal to your insurance professional.

  • What is an umbrella policy and why would I need one?

    An umbrella policy is a liability insurance policy that provides an extra layer of coverage over and above your underlying insurance policies, which may include auto, home, boat, or rental property. There are also commercial umbrella policies that provide excess coverage over the top of business, business auto, and workers compensation insurance policies. Why do you need an umbrella policy? When something really awful happens, like you severely injure or kill somebody in a car accident, you want to make sure that your assets are protected. There is a good chance that your basic auto policy will not provide the amount of liability protection that you need, and an umbrella policy is where you would find that additional protection.

  • What is employers liability on a workers compensation policy?

    Workers Compensation insurance was created in order to protect both workers and business owners. If a worker gets hurt the workers compensation coverage provides for medical expense and in exchange the employee gives up the right to sue his/her employer. However, there are cases where the employee can still sue the employer and in the event that the employee does sue Employer Liability provides coverage to business against the employee. Employer Liability is found on the workers compensation policy