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Home Insurance

Our experts will help you comfortably cover your home-sweet-home.


Auto Insurance

Comprehensive, collision, liability—whatever your vehicle needs, we’ll make sure you get it.

Renters Insurance

You’re a tenant that wants to protect your belongings? we’ve got you (and them) covered.

Auto and Home

Get the best coverage quote to protect both your auto and home.

Personal Umbrella

Get coverage that is best for your needs.


General Liability

Protect your business with the best general liability insurance.

Business Owners Policy

Get coverage that is targeted to your business requirements.

Commercial Auto

Business vehicles have specific insurance needs. We’ll make sure you are covered.

Commercial Property

Protect your business with the best commercial property insurance.

Commercial Umbrella

Protect your business with best commercial umbrella insurance.

About us

We service our clients and professional partners in business by offering cost-effective comprehensive coverage.
A principal-agent with over 20 years of practical insurance experience in several states. We are currently servicing FL, NJ, PA, TN, SC, NC, IN, and TX. We are backed by a team of insurance professionals like no other in our servicing department who join us with a varying array of skills and insurance experiences.

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What Others have to say about Me...

Lori Santillo

Working with Patrice Proctor-Tucker is a huge relief. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable and works hard for a solution that fits your insurance needs and budget.”

Lynn Yon

I am writing to recommend Patricia Proctor Tucker for all your insurance needs. She has proved herself to be a conscientious, diligent, and very knowledgeable person in insurance options. She got back to me promptly with options and recommendations based on my needs. She is very flexible about meeting with you on the phone or in your home. I found Patrice always willing to work with my scheduling. Most important Patrice is respectful, courteous, and has a gift for explaining insurance options in a way that is simple to understand.”


Working with Patrice made shopping for insurance easy and affordable. You will appreciate her prompt professionalism.”

Frequently asked questions

  • What am I Entitled to in a Homeowners’ Insurance Claim?

    Your homeowners’ insurance carrier should pay for repairs of any damage that is covered under your policy. It is important to note that you are supposed to have your home restored to its pre-loss condition.

  • When am I Entitled to a Roof Replacement Instead of Just a Repair? In general, under the Florida building code, if a roof is more than 25% damaged, a full roof replacement is required will your policy cover a full roof replacement?

    Depreciation: The loss in value from all causes, including age, wear, and tear. Replacement cost: The “new” price of what it would cost to actually repair or replace a damaged or destroyed item. Most policies these days are “REPLACEMENT COST” (“RC”) policies because they’re supposed to cover the cost of replacing what you have lost. To collect the full amount you’re entitled to under an RC policy, you have to actually replace the items and send the receipts to the insurer with a demand for the balance they owe you. Insurers don’t volunteer to pay – you insist. ACV (Actual Cash Value): The “old” price of an item as it was pre-loss, sometimes explained as the price a willing buyer would have paid you immediately before the event that caused your loss. Some policies limit payouts to “ACV” and that’s all they pay. If you’ve got an ACV policy, you’ll probably need to argue for less depreciation to be taken on major items, but once the check is cut, that’s all you will get, regardless of what it costs to actually replace what you had. Insurers are allowed to assess depreciation when they adjust your homeowners’ claim. Depreciation is usually calculated by figuring out replacement value, along with life expectancy. Using these figures, the insurer will calculate an amount they label as depreciation. Under Florida law, insurers are allowed to withhold the depreciation amount until after you complete your repairs. Once you finish your repairs, you provide documentation to your insurer, and it will issue you a check for the depreciation amount.

  • How is Renegade different from others?

    Renegade combines power of an insurance marketplace with an expert agent. Therefore, you get multiple quotes to choose from and have an agent who is there to provide you expert advice when and where you need it.

  • How is a Renegade agent different from a captive agent?

    Renegade agents are independent so that they can work with multiple carriers to get you the best price for the coverage you need. Renegade agents have access to 90+ carriers.