Services Offered


Home Insurance

Our experts will help you comfortably cover your home-sweet-home.


Auto Insurance

Comprehensive, collision, liability—whatever your vehicle needs, we’ll make sure you get it.


Renters Insurance

You’re a tenant that wants to protect your belongings? we’ve got you (and them) covered.


Auto and Home

Get the best coverage quote to protect both your auto and home.


Personal Umbrella

Get coverage that is best for your needs.


General Liability

Protect your business with the best general liability insurance.


Business Owners Policy

Get coverage that is targeted to your business requirements.


Commercial Auto

Business vehicles have specific insurance needs. We’ll make sure you are covered.


Commercial Property

Protect your business with the best commercial property insurance.


Commercial Umbrella

Protect your business with best commercial umbrella insurance.

About us

We are dedicated to helping our clients find the proper policy or policies that will fit their individual needs.
As a Southwest Florida native, Roxane knows what to recommend to keep you properly protected. Every client is treated like a member of our family. We practice being genuine, honest, and trustworthy.

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What Others have to say about Me...

location-icon Georgia

The most courteous and helpful customer service I have experienced across numerous industries. Went above and beyond to reassure me and exceeded expectations. I am truly a satisfied customer.”

location-icon North Carolina

The team is outstanding! Real Renegades of Insurance!”

location-icon New York

I was blown away by how much I saved and how easy it was. I really hate pushy salesmen, but Renegade provided a real advisor to help answer all my questions. I’m recommending Renegade to everyone.”

Frequently asked questions

  • My home is the same exact model as my neighbors home, yet his insurance is cheaper. Why don't we have the same rate?

    Insurance is as unique as your fingerprint…no two are the same. If we compared both policies, homes, and policy owners, then we will find many small differences that add up.

  • I haven't had an accident in several years...Shouldn't my auto policy be going down?

    Many carriers offer a 3-year accident-free discount which can decrease the policy, but it will never be the same as it was before the accident. The reason for this is the ever-increasing costs of parts, labor, and the high number of liability claims. These factors can cause a carrier to take a rate increase that affects not just your policy, but everyone who is with that particular carrier. This is why it’s wise to review and/or shop your policy at least every three years.

  • Is my homeowner's policy going to go up after the recent Hurricane?

    It takes several years before we can begin to feel the effects of a single storm. We won’t feel the effects of Hurricane Ian (2022) until about 2025. The reason being is because it will take that long to get through and settle. Any Hurricane claim filed is considered an “Act of God” and not surcharged by carriers. A natural disaster or “Act of God” ultimately means the carrier will need to raise the rates of all insured’s. The bigger the disaster, the bigger the increase in premium.